The Best Coffee Machines For Modern Kitchens

If you’re looking for a great coffee machine for your modern kitchen, you’ll want to take a look at these top contenders. There are several factors to consider, including whether you prefer single-serve or programmable, whether you’re interested in an automatic or manual model and more.

Automatic vs manual

There are many different types of coffee machines available. When choosing a machine, you should consider whether you want to have more control over the process or you would prefer to let the machine do the work for you.

Automatic coffee makers are generally fast and easy to use. They come with features such as automatic frothing. However, they are not as satisfying to prepare as a manual machine. You may also find it difficult to repair an automatic machine.

On the other hand, a manual espresso machine can give you the best tasting espresso. They tend to be smaller and more durable. A good one will allow you to make several cups of coffee at once.

The technology used in manual machines is often more advanced than in automatic machines. Some of these models even have a cup warmer, which ensures that the coffee is always hot.

In addition to the cup warmer, some automatic machines have a small drip tray that allows you to easily clean up the mess. For some models, a built-in milk frothing system is also available.

One of the main differences between manual and automatic machines is that the former uses a piston to force water through the bed of ground coffee. This means that the pressure of the water can affect the aroma and taste of the coffee.

With a manual machine, you can also select the type of drink you want to brew. This is particularly useful if you want to take the coffee on the road.

Built-in vs countertop

One of the great features of a built-in coffee machine is that it has a stylish, modern look that works well with any kitchen. Built-in machines also provide the convenience of preparing different coffee beverages.

Whether you want an espresso, drip coffee, or any other specialty drink, a built-in machine can make your mornings easier. You can also choose a machine with a milk frothing feature for added convenience.

Built-in coffee machines come in many sizes, from compact and portable to full-sized models. This type of device can be installed into a countertop, cabinet, or wall, providing a seamless design for your kitchen.

For many people, built-in appliances are the way to go. They offer the same features and functionality as their freestanding counterparts, but in a space-saving package. Moreover, they can easily be accessed when you need them.

While built-in coffee machines can be more expensive than their counter-top equivalents, they are also more durable and long-lasting. A high-end model may last you for years.

Built-in coffee systems brew your favorite cup of coffee while maintaining the water at the proper temperature. Some even offer an integrated steam wand for frothing milk. In addition, some machines allow you to create personalized recipes.

The biggest advantage of a built-in coffee system is that you can get the best-tasting brew. The quality of the coffee and the brewing process is superior, thanks to the high-quality components used in most models.

Programmable vs single-serve

When it comes to buying a new coffee machine for your kitchen, you have two choices: a programmable or single-serve machine. Both types of machines have many benefits to offer. A programmable coffee maker can be set up to brew your favorite drink up to 24 hours in advance.

The single-serve coffee machine, on the other hand, makes one cup at a time. These units usually use pods, pre-ground coffee capsules packaged in aluminum containers. They are a convenient way to brew your morning java.

Some models come with a hot plate for keeping your brewed coffee warm. Others include thermal carafes to keep your brew hot for hours on end. However, if you are not refilling your coffee throughout the day, a thermal carafe may not be worth the upgrade.

Single-serve coffee makers are ideal for people who need to make coffee for multiple people. You can also find these types of machines in dorm rooms or at office desks.

Choosing a programmable coffee maker requires more research than a single-serve model. You will need to measure the water reservoir in order to make sure you get the right size for your needs.

You should be aware that a programmable coffee maker can be a bit more expensive than a single-serve model. Also, you will need to consider how much coffee you and your family consume. There are machines that can brew up to twelve cups.


Chemex coffee makers are great for the connoisseur who enjoys clean, fresh coffee. The glass carafe is a beautiful serving vessel, and the brewer has a clean design that is easy to use.

Chemex is a borosilicate glass coffee maker that is made to resist thermal shock. This means that the glass won’t bounce around, and the kitchen implements won’t get scratched. It is also dishwasher safe, so it can be used in the kitchen without fear of breaking.

Chemex coffee has a clean, bright flavor that is free of bitterness. It is extracted in order to capture the flavor compounds and aromatic oils that make single-origin coffees so unique.

Chemex coffee is brewed using thick paper filters. These filter papers are designed to be thick enough to remove bitterness from coffee, but not so thick that they restrict water flow through the grounds.

Chemex has two major advantages over drippers: one, it produces a smooth, bitter-free cup of coffee in less than four minutes, and two, it produces the purest flavor experience. However, it can be a bit finicky to use, so you’ll want to be careful.

A gooseneck kettle is essential for brewing with a Chemex. Goosenecks allow you to control the brewing time and temperature of the water. Some models are even equipped with a built-in thermometer.

In addition, a quality burr grinder, such as the Baratza, is an indispensable part of your morning routine. This grinder is a great option for a Chemex – it produces coarse and fine grounds, and it is easy to clean.

Barista Express Impress

The Breville Barista Express Impress is a semi-automatic coffee machine that offers an updated state of the art technology and is designed to make great tasting espressos and cappuccinos. It includes a built in precision conical burr grinder and a nine-bar extraction system.

The machine also uses a thermocoil heating system with PID to deliver precise digital control of temperature. This means that the user can adjust the water temperature and pre-infusion time.

Other features include a built-in grinder, a tamping system, and auto dosing. These make the Barista Express a good choice for espresso enthusiasts who aren’t experts in brewing.

Another key feature is the Impress Puck System. This system tamps the ground coffee with accuracy, allowing the user to obtain the proper dose.

A third feature is a built-in milk jug that foams milk to perfection. In addition, the machine features a manual steam wand that rotates 360 degrees.

While the Barista Express has been Breville’s best-selling model for years, the company has added a few extra features to make it even better. Some of these include a patented Razor dosing tool, an automatic pre-infusion function, a tamping mechanism, and cleaning discs.

One of the main differences between the Barista Express and the Express Impress is that the latter uses a thermocoil heating system. This heating element is slower than the ThermoJet system of the Barista Pro. But it does deliver great tasting coffee.


The Podster coffee machine from Hotel Chocolat is the perfect way to make your favourite latte, mocha, or hot chocolate at home. It’s an elegant, compact and stylish machine.

Designed and engineered by Dualit, Podster has a modern look. The grey matte finish of the machine matches the grey Velvetiser and the sleek textured handle adds a touch of luxury.

With a 0.7-litre capacity, Podster can brew two cups of coffee before refilling. The device is compact and can be tucked under the cupboard.

Podster has a programmable dosing memory that lets you choose how much coffee you want to dispense. This includes five different strength levels and an adjustable coffee length.

The Podster also has a handy feature, a removable drip tray. This is great for avoiding spills and making cleaning easier.

The Podster uses Nespresso capsules and is compatible with a wide variety of standard-sized coffee pods. There is also a Podcycler accessory which lets you recycle used pods.

Aside from the Podster, Hotel Chocolat has other gadgets in its range, including a milk frother, a recyclable coffee pod, and a coffee bundle. Each of these comes with 180 pods and makes two glasses of coffee.

Podster is a simple, elegant machine and is a great addition to any home. Whether you’re a newcomer to pod coffee makers or you’re an experienced user, the Podster is a stylish and versatile machine.

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